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Receive up to 50% ROI when you decide to resell.

About Us

At Meridian Homes, we commit our years of experience, skill, and connections to building your home exactly the way you want, with a level of quality and workmanship that will last for generations.

To guarantee the quality, we not only partner with the best construction companies, but we also leave no stone unturned, testing for quality at every stage of the construction. As a matter of principle, we only focus on one project at a time so each home gets the attention it deserves. We do all these to ensure your new home is exactly as you and your family imagined it!


Client Testimonials

My investment with the Meridian Estate has put more money in my pocket than any other investment I have made.
"You delivered the exact quality standard I expected, and for me, that’s all I could ask for."
Princess SILVIA
“The prices of your homes are too good for the quality I saw. I’m sure going to buy more ”
Princess SILVIA

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Our customers who keyed in have made huge returns, and they keep coming back to buy more. This time, we want to double that profit for you and give you a chance to earn even more.